Lose up to 2 inches with Lipostop®


The innovative LipoSTOP® Pulsed Ultrasound Fat Blasting Body Slimming System is an alternative to liposuction, offering a way to reduce general and localized cellulite and also localized fat areas. LipoSTOP energy is used to penetrate through the skin layers and into the targeted fat tissue without harming skin or surrounding tissues.

The advantages of LipoSTOP® treatment can be listed as,

  • Non-Invasive.
  • Immediate results.
  • Will not freeze or harm your body.
  • Does not hurt.
  • Long lasting results.
  • No side effects

Unlike other treatments in the market, the LipoSTOP® treatment does not interfere with adjacent structures such as blood vessels and nerves and therefore is completely safe, although for some clients there may be a little discomfort associated with the noise during the treatment.

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